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TechAbstract was born from the company’s director Jamie Collins’ time at AusIndustry as a field auditor of the then R&D Tax Concession. This knowledge gained a decade ago coupled with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) substance has produced over 300 successful applications.

TechAbstract is different in that it only consists of graduates from science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) which provides a qualified platform of technical competence and experience that underscores its R&D Tax Incentive services.

TechAbstract’s R&D Tax Incentive services cater to both ongoing clients and also those companies that are new to the R&D Tax Incentive.

The challenge for a new R&D Tax Incentive applicant is that the information available from AusIndustry’s website is vague and obscure and it is often very difficult to match to your business and R&D activities.

Tech Abstract

Jamie Collins

Jamie Collins the director of TechAbstract is a mechanical engineer and registered tax agent for the R&D Tax Incentive and prior to the formation of TechAbstract was an auditor of the R&D Tax Concession for AusIndustry until 2009.

His engineering and commercial background from manufacturing, scientific instrumentation, automotive products, logistics, and training/assessment coupled with the time at AusIndustry ensures that TechAbstract has the real-world, practical experience to understand a very broad range of businesses and their projects and to identify and assess eligibility and determine the available benefit to them from the R&D Tax Incentive.

Jamie’s expansion of TechAbstract comes from referrals. Unlike other consultants, both big and small, he doesn’t seek massive growth in the number of clients as his preference is for small and medium sized business that are actually undertaking eligible R&D activities to ensure TechAbstract’s provision of successful, compliant and valuable applications for eligible Australian companies.

R&D Tax Reviews

Reviews of Tax Incentive applications can be undertaken by AusIndustry or (less commonly) by the Australian Taxation Office.


To properly support clients under review/audit TechAbstract established in February 2019 a specialist division TechCheck to best serve and support clients in these circumstances.


See AusIndustry reviews for more information on AusIndustry reviews.




Tech Abstract has clients in the following industries

R&D Tax Incentive Services


R&D Tax Incentive Services

Civil engineering

R&D Tax Incentive Services


R&D Tax Incentive Services

Applied science

R&D Tax Incentive Services

Electrical engineering

R&D Tax Incentive Services

Software engineering

R&D Tax Incentive Services


R&D Tax Incentive Services

Food & beverage

R&D Tax Incentive Services

Structural engineering

R&D Tax Incentive Services

Building & construction

R&D Tax Incentive Services

Information technology

Waste management

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